Good pictures of the abandoned London Mail Rail

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A dream for someone, the London Post Office Railway (or Mail Rail) is a singularity in railways’ panorama: as a matter of fact, a private underground railway used till 2003 to sort mails among several post offices.

Most of us can just look at this strange object through sites, such as Mail Rail. An intrepid group of adventurers, though, posted on Silent UK a complete photo report of their visit to the abandoned underground, producing one of the best picture set of this abandoned, small world:

For as long as I can remember explorers have joked, discussed and cried themselves to sleep over possibility the Post Office Railway could be explored. Those keen to attempt entry desperately clawed at every scrap of information like a starving hobo snacking on bread crumbs. Just the idea of access, let alone the task of traversing the line seemed fraught with impossible obstacles and doubt.

With all the abandoned postal depots now converted or with a foot thick dump of concrete covering what would have been access below, all potential avenues of access pointed solely to the infiltration of live postal depots. In other words, somehow getting into a site and its central building, working your way down an unknown route through a series of passages, locked doors, workers and alarms until you somehow found your way into the basement and with it the depots Mail Rail station. In other words, impossible.[...]

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