About R2.0

There’s not a specific reason why I’m starting this new blog, probably it’s just a way to link two passions I have (railways and web 2.0) in order to obtain a final work that can be both interesting to carry on and useful for me (and for people like me working on the railways/transportation field) during my everyday job.

I’m not a native English speaker – actually I’m Italian – and it will be a challenge itself trying managing a blog in the language of Shakespeare, but this was a good reason and a good opportunity to improve and use broadly a language that can reach potencially much more people than writing in Italian. For this reason I apologize starting from this very first post (and for the following ones) for any misuse or mistake that I should commit.

There’s not at the moment a specific segment or a specific aim this blog is following, what I would like to do it’s just starting since I believe that when someone have ideas it’s just a matter of starting!

Threfore my first posts would probably be pointless and guided by chance but I think that my readers (hopefully) will correct post after post the route of this crazy ship… ops, train sorry!

Some of you are probably thinking “why R2.0?”, well, I’m not trying to transform a field where innovations historically are applied with a certain inertia, I’m only trying to look at it in a different way since internet tools let to add to the “railway experience” much more instruments than the past. I would like to share with you what I can find nowadays on the web, articles, photos, videos, everything that can contribute to spread a culture among professionals, enthusiasts and curiouses.

So, hop on and let’s start together this steel made rail-blog!

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