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Spanish consortium wins Saudi Arabia High Speed deal

By Railway 2.0 - Last updated: Tuesday, July 19, 2011

According to yesterday’s news from Spanish newspaper El País, detailed in the website of Vía Libre, Spanish consortium has won the competition for the construction and operation of the 450 km high speed link Mecca-Medina. The news was already anticipated by some rumors one month ago. Adif, Cobra, Consultrans, Copasa, Dimetronic, Imathia, Inabesa, Inecao, Indra […]

How to drive a high speed train

By Railway 2.0 - Last updated: Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ever wondered what the engineer has to do in the driver cab while traveling on a high speed train? Vía Libre provides the answer, at least for a journey on the Talgo AVE S-112 train using the brand new Madrid-Valencia high speed line . The description is in Spanish, unfortunately I have not so much […]